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Superfund Property Remediation Programs

“Remediating property within the Coeur d’Alene Basin Superfund Site”

The property remediation program identifies soil that is contaminated with lead and/or arsenic by sampling. Once the soil is known to be contaminated, it is removed down to a predetermined depth and taken to a soil repository. In some cases, a plastic fabric barrier is placed down before clean dirt is put back. A cover of topsoil or gravel is then put on top of the barrier. The topsoil areas are then seeded or sod is placed. This process is called remediation.

Homes where children age six and under or pregnant women live are considered high risk. Remediation of high risk properties are emphasized before other properties.

If you live in the Superfund Site and would like your property tested and/or if you have kids 6 and under or have an expectant woman living in your residence, please fill out the Participant Information Form (see below) and send it in to:
The Basin Property Remediation Program c/o TerraGraphics, 108 W. Idaho, Kellogg, ID 83837. For further information, please call the DEQ Superfund Project Office, (208) 783-5781.